Garlic peeling System  Related Automatic Machines



 This fully automated machine can operate 24 hours without the supervision of people.

 The garlic peeler requires no water, making the operation most efficient and      environmentally friendly.

 The compressed air in the peeler takes the skin and dust off the garlic out of the machine.

 Using compressed air, the garlic peeler works economically and strictly maintains the      hygiene of garlic.

 The computer control system automatically adjusts electricity, temperature and air,      depending on the type and the conditions of garlic.

 The automatic garlic peeler ensures the best quality and highest productivity for all the      types of garlic.


                     Model :

       storage capacity :

  electric heater :

         fan motor :       dimensions :

              weight :

               electricity :

  Processingcapability :


100 kg

7.5 kw

1/4 HP (0.2 kw)

1000*850*2000 mm

850 kg

V3-phase 380/220V

100kg per hour